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Support Groups

Insights has created a number of informative materials that help to educate, inspire, and aid patients who are living with pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). Insights materials can be easily incorporated into your current patient education program to supplement your efforts.

Below, you'll find some examples of the materials we offer for support groups.

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Support Group Leader Downloads

Insights on PAH Brochure

Insights on PAH brochure

An ideal handout, this brochure complements your presentation, allowing your group members the opportunity to read more about PAH.


PAH Poster

PAH poster

This printable poster serves as a useful visual aid to help you explain the effects of PAH in the body, specifically the heart, lungs, and pulmonary arteries.


Insights on PAH Emergency Preparedness

Insights on PAH Emergency Preparedness

This downloadable presentation provides support group speakers with materials to inform patients about PAH emergencies, including how to recognize them and steps they can take to prepare for a medical emergency. Speaker's notes are included in the PowerPoint file to help guide your presentation.


A closer look at connective tissue disease and PAH

A Closer Look at Connective Tissue Disease and PAH

This brochure helps you to inform those living with connective tissue disease about the connection to PAH. The goal is to encourage regular screenings for these individuals, as they may be at an increased risk of developing PAH.


Instructions on how to prepare an emergency fridge kit

Instructions on how to prepare an emergency fridge kit

Emergency personnel are trained to look on the refrigerator door to find emergency health information. This sheet helps patients prepare an emergency fridge kit to store important health-related information and supplies.


Insights patient emergency information sheet

Insights patient emergency information sheet

This emergency information sheet provides HCPs and emergency personnel with vital health information when it's needed most. Filled out by patients, the comprehensive form includes patients' medical history, medications and allergies, insurance carrier, contact information for PAH physicians, and other pertinent medical information.